Get OVA It!

The process of change begins with one simple decision. It truly doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you’ve been – there is tremendous power when you decide that you’ve had enough of being stuck. And hey, maybe right now is that moment for you!

“Whatever we’ve been through, Devon not only makes us feel we can get over it, he gives us the tools to do exactly that.” – JUSTIN COHEN


Author, Speaker,

& Mindset Coach

No matter what you have heard, what you believe, or what you are going through – you deserve to be happy and successful. The feeling of being ‘stuck’ in life causes tremendous pain and even suffering.

That’s where I come in…

My purpose is to help you to break free in the area of your Mindset and Relationships.


3 Powerful Pillars

for Growth

Ownership, Vision and Action – three incredibly powerful words.

You’ve definitely heard of them, individually, as effective tools for growth. The secret is how you use them: they become exponentially more powerful when stacked together and utilised in this particular order.

I’m going to teach you how this simple system can get you unstuck to create massive growth & momentum in your life.

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