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This is a book for anyone who wants to experience growth in any area of life, that will teach you how to stack Ownership, Vision, and Action to get ‘OVA’ pain, obstacles, and challenges that hold you back from taking action and stepping into your purpose.

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No matter what you have heard, what you believe, or what you are going through – you absolutely deserve to be happy and successful. You have an evolutionary need to see constant progress in your life and when you don’t feel like you’re moving forward, the feeling of being ‘stuck’ causes tremendous pain and even suffering.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. This is the tried and tested method that I used to transform my life from an alcoholic addict, gripped in a destructive cycle of self-hatred to creating massive success in my businesses and relationships while falling in love with the person I am as I contribute and serve the world around me.

In Get ‘OVA’ It! I want to help you to master your mindset, by rewriting your thoughts & beliefs so you can positively shape how you think and what you feel. This process will empower you to consciously make healthy choices that result in consistent action towards your life goals. In turn this will create a state of growth, deep fulfilment and gratitude – where you become the creator of your destiny, and not a victim to your past.

When you learn how to shift your perspective, replace toxic emotions and adopt a growth-focused mindset – you can breakthrough any obstacles, challenges or painful situations that hold you back from stepping into your potential and purpose!

In this book, I’m going to hold you accountable for stepping up to the next level of your life. I will share my personal experiences and will equip you to:

  • Take radical ownership of your life
  • Shift from victim to victor
  • Let go of toxic emotions that don’t serve you
  • Become the hero of your own story
  • Craft a vision that is authentic and on purpose
  • Take massive daily action
  • Adopt habits and routines of peak performers

I want to show you how to become unshakable through any of life’s storms. So, if you’re ready to step up, moving boldly into the next season of your life, come join me on this exciting adventure.  The stage is set and the world is waiting for your creative genius to shine.



Introduction: Breaking free and breaking through

The basics: The three pillars of the OVA method

Part 1: Ownership

1 Awareness

2 Our evolutionary disadvantage

3 Being a prisoner of your own mind

4 Perception: How you experience the world

5 Feeding an empowering or disempowering cycle

6 Shifting your perspective

7 The power is in the pause

8 The perfect experience

9 Growth happens in dark places

10 There is purpose in pain

11 Attachment to pain

12 Taking 100% responsibility

13 Acceptance and surrender

14 Letting go of toxic emotions

15 Four toxic emotions: Anger, resentment, guilt and shame

16 Tools to reframe anger and resentment

17 Tools to reframe guilt and shame

18 Your hero story

Summary of Ownership


Part 2: Vision

19 The importance of having a vision

20 What do you want?

21 Who do you want to be?

22 Clarity is power

23 Creating balance

24 Values and beliefs

25 Smashing your limiting beliefs

26 Authenticity

27 Feel your future now

28 The Power Life Script™

29 SMART goals

30 Chunking down

31 Serving others

Summary of Vision


Part 3: Action

32 Where the rubber meets the road

33 Barrier to action #1: Fear

34 Barrier to action #2: Procrastination and distraction

35 Barrier to action #3: People

36 Barrier to action #4: Perfectionism

37 Discipline

38 Personal integrity

39 Start small

40 Strike when the idea is hot!

41 Comfort vs Calling

42 Pain vs Pleasure

43 Peak performance habits

44 Peak performance habits for your body

45 Peak performance habits for your mind

46 Peak performance habits for your soul

47 Rejection or Redirection

Summary of Action

Conclusion: Making a commitment to yourself

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