10th December Cape Town Relationship Mastery Workshop


10th December, 08:30 to 18:30 Venue TBC Cape Town City Bowl

Love should ignite your soul, fuel your heart, and be a tremendous source of joy & happiness in your life.

The thing is…. no one really teaches you about love or how to love. It’s something you pick up through experience and observation. The challenge with this, is that often you observe toxic patterns & unhealthy behaviour – and form a belief that this is what love should be. This is where you create a lot of pain and suffering.

Do you constantly doubt your value & worth? Attract narcissists and unstable partners? Constantly end up in relationships that go nowhere? Tired of settling for sub-standard treatment? Feel stuck and don’t have the courage to leave?

The Love & Romance Intensive Masterclass will shed some light on this beautiful and often complex topic, delivering insight on a variety of topics that will equip you to master your love life.

If you’re ready to step up in your love life, tired of settling for mediocre treatment and want to attract the partner of your dreams then this is a day just for you!

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10th December, 08:30 to 18:30 Venue TBC Cape Town City Bowl
The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your life.
The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with YOURSELF. You cannot craft an exciting vision for your future or take action towards it if you feel undeserving, unworthy or not enough. Raising your own energetic vibration, increasing your self-worth and loving yourself – is vital if you want to step into the life of your dreams. The first half of this workshop focuses on the relationship you have with yourself. We will explore childhood trauma, core wounds and why you hold on to emotions that just don’t serve you.
Then we move on to relationships with others. In almost every area of life, you rely on relationships with other human beings to progress, move forward and feel a sense of connectedness. Whether this be relationships with; family members, colleagues, clients, your boss, friends or romantic partners – when we truly master this area of life we experience a more peaceful state of flow, repel admin & drama and achieve a deeper sense of connection & belonging!
The challenge is that no-one teaches us about love, especially Romantic Love. It’s something we learn through observation and experience. But, what if the love we’ve observed or experienced, in our parents or our own past, is toxic or unhealthy? We adopt this version of love on a subconscious level and believe this to be true. Then we wonder why we attract the wrong partners and end up in a string of unhealthy relationships that don’t serve our needs and suck the life right out of us. Many of our patterns are informed by childhood trauma and core wounds, and the relationship we observe in our parents. Often a pervasive, subconscious feeling of being unworthy, undeserving and not enough develops and to shake this we need to do the inner work of healing from these wounds. 
Healthy relationships will:
Support, Strengthen, Expand, Build, Push, Motivate & Encourage
Toxic relationships will:
Hinder, Weaken, Constrict, Tear Down, Hold Back, Inhibit & Discourage
With this in mind, I’m going to spend a full-day equipping you with insights and tools to master what I believe to be the most important faculty of life – RELATIONSHIPS.
During this Intensive Masterclass I will cover:
  • The History of Relationships
  • How Relationships have evolved over time (From the village to the city)
  • How your own brain works against you
  • The Relationship with Yourself (Self-Worth, Self-Love, Value)
  • Childhood Trauma & Core Wounds (The Baggage we carry)
  • Mother & Father Wounds
  • Healthy Friendships that become your VIP Support Structure
  • Red Flags & Toxic Patterns
  • Narcissist and Empathic Patterns
  • Attachment Styles
  • Feminine and Masculine Energies
  • Healthy Qualities of a Romantic Partner
  • How to nurture a love that Grows, Radiates & Serves
  • Dating Strategy and Timelines
  • Breakup Survival Guide
  • Intensive Breath Work Session
The outcome is for you to go into all of your future relationships equipped, knowing what to look for and how to foster healthy connections that will last.
Ask yourself: What is the cost of choosing the wrong romantic partner?  What is the true cost of your time, effort and emotional strain if you repeat self-destructive patterns that are toxic and unhealthy? Are you ready to accept that you are deserving and worthy of a love that feeds your soul? Are you ready to give yourself permission to be loved?
It is my purpose to empower you so you don’t get stuck in the area of relationships again.

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